TRD Clutches

Benefits of Choosing Toyota Genuine Trd Clutches Components

Delivering higher torque capacity and quicker engagement during aggressive acceleration, the TRD high performance clutch kit offers direct bolt-in replacement for the factory clutch. Features a high-capacity TRD pressure plate that’s been heat-treated using a patented process that yields increased strength, added stiffness and greater load capacity. Kit features stiffer diaphragm springs and load straps, which increase clamping force approximately 25 percent, while the increase in pedal pressure is just 10 percent.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15;PT901-31201-15 More
Part Number PTR04-52031-50

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