TRD Quickshifter

Benefits of Picking Toyota Genuine Trd Quickshifter Parts

The TRD quick-shifter for the tC delivers shifting that’s faster and more positive, courtesy of repositioned pivot points that provide up to a twenty-percent shorter shift throw. It features a nylon tower, steel shift lever and TRD-branded leather trimmed shift knob—adding a classic, high-performance touch to the tC that provides drivers with a sportier, more responsive driving experience.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14;PT901-30301-14 More
Part Number PTR04-21051-40

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